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September 28th and 29th, 2021
La Seine Musicale
A Paris Fashion Week event

The one-of-a-kind Balmain Festival is an annual celebration mixing the best in food, music, and fashion.

On the 28th, entry will be open to all. On the 29th, (the night of the Balmain show) only those who have tickets will be admitted.
On both dates, the festival’s ephemeral village will be filled with stands offering limited-edition Balmain merchandise, as well as food trucks with refreshments from France’s best chefs and talents.

A percentage from every purchase will go to the Global Fund to fight pandemics, like AIDS and COVID, with (RED).

How To Get Tickets to the Balmain Festival V02

Reflecting the house’s commitment to democratize and modernize fashion, we plan to more than double the number of Balmain Army members who can attend the next Balmain Festival. In 2019, we were only able to offer 1,500 free tickets—but for 2021, we plan on admitting up to 3,400 guests to our music-filled runway.

The first 1,200 members to pledge a minimum donation to support the work of our partners (RED) and the Global Fund will receive two tickets for the Balmain show and concerts taking place on September 29th. Since this year marks the 15th anniversary of (RED), we’re asking for a minimum donation of 15€ for each pair of tickets. Of course, 100% of each guest’s donation will be dedicated to (RED)’s fight against global pandemics. Proceeds from the sales of limited-edition Balmain festival merchandise, as well as from the village’s food and drink offerings, will also be donated in support of those important goals.

Please note that on the first night of the Balmain Festival, September 28th, entry to the festival village will be free and open to all.


At this time, all invitations to the BALMAIN FESTIVAL have been allocated, but donations are still open.


Billetterie Weezevent

Supporting (RED) and The Global Fund

In addition to celebrating friendship, fashion, and music, The Balmain Festival once again aims to raise funds in support of the important work of (RED) and The Global Fund.

For fifteen years, (RED) has been working closely with partners like Balmain, in order to help finance the Global Fund’s essential, life-saving work and their dedicated battle to end HIV and AIDS in our lifetime.
Balmain is proud of its long history of support for (RED) and The Global Fund. This house has collaborated with (RED) on multiple projects and products over the years to help raise needed monies for the essential work of the Global Fund in the fight against HIV/AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa. And, with infections and deaths on the decline and more people accessing life-saving treatment than ever before, we’ve all been thrilled to see the great progress that the Global Fund’s efforts have helped make possible.
However, the emergence of COVID-19 puts all this hard-won progress in jeopardy. If we do not get needed funding and resources to those countries that need it most, we may lose out on decades of gains made in the AIDS fight. It’s feared that the impact of COVID-19 could actually cause AIDS-related deaths to once again begin rising, as health and community systems are overwhelmed, treatment and prevention programs are disrupted, and resources are diverted.
Recognizing that global pandemics demand global responses, Balmain knows that now is the time to join together with partners like (RED) and the Global Fund to fight harder than ever before. We need to strengthen global health systems and protect hard-won progress. That is why all proceeds from all Balmain Festival Village sales of food, drink and Balmain merchandise will be pledged in support of (RED) and The Global Fund.
And that is why we are asking guests that attend the festival to also pledge to support our partners.

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