Olivier Saillard and Balmain


Window Dressing of our 44 rue François 1er boutique created by Olivier SAILLARD

“Commissioner of exhibitions, I chose to make the history of fashion a material of cogitation but also creation. Also I pass with an undamaged pleasure of a patrimonial exhibition to a performance, a conference to an installation in window. At an invitation of the home Balmain, I liked to size the existence of the model of window. Hypnotic presence, which the surrealists cherished, the model of wood, wax, plaster or plastic does not cease fascinating. With the narrow collaboration of the home Stockman, we accomplished an assemblage of body of different epochs, one « to copy cut » of arm, legs and of heads which all belong in different decades. They can read the philter of the thirties in an arm, that of the fifties in other one there, the sixties receive on the face. Just like the fashion which will not have ceased parodying the past to tame it in source of inspiration or to move aside it better from a brusque gesture, the model so adjusted by anachronisms is every instant. His wild juxtaposition is very today's on the other hand. During several weeks we are going to dress / undress this model Totem, to parry it with hands on stems as so many benevolent or worrying butterflies and to make, as much as is possible of this place at the foot of the solemn staircase of the street François 1st a space stamped by rules admitted by window dressing.” Olivier SAILLARD